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Meet Bibi

Bibi Williams is your relatable girl-next-door that had struggled with weight throughout her youth and early adulthood. Faced with battling extreme fatigue and a diagnosis of high cholesterol, she decided to turn her life around and ventured into her first group exercise class. With a love of being around people and seeing the power and energy that a group can create, she knew this was the answer to her weight loss journey.

As the pounds melted away, Bibi’s increased energy and love of sweating off the pounds with others led her to begin a new chapter in her life as a group fitness instructor. After successfully instructing cardio kickboxing and strength training classes, she decided to unleash her love for dance!

Bibi taught various Nike Rockstar workouts and hip hop dance classes. She attended numerous conferences and has taken dance sessions from top presenters in the industry. Armed with the experience and research, she wanted to develop a unique format personifying the fun and excitement of a super charged dance party, where the choreography is suited for the beginner to advanced dancer and the energy is at a level beyond any other dance class! With that unbeatable desire, Dance Party X-treme™ (DPX) was born in 2009!

DPX has been featured on live news broadcast and showcased at major sporting events such as the NBA and WNBA games. With its popularity reaching new heights, Bibi has also launched DPX Kids in various elementary schools and studios. In addition to this, she was a featured presenter at the 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention.

Bibi is usually accompanied by her amazing sister, Linda, who is not only her primary dance assistant but also a business partner. So yes, this is indeed a family affair!

Bibi is constantly developing new choreography to the latest hits to ensure dancers can jam to them wherever they are. You can find her teaching DPX along with other group fitness classes in her hometown 5 days a week.