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Success Stories

"DPX is more than a fitness dance class; it’s great music, energy, and people. DPX is learning fun moves, dancing your heart out to the most current songs, and burning calories all at the same time. It's enabled the biggest change of my life, from depressed couch potato to energized and enthused dancer!

I no longer struggle and fight myself to make it to the gym. Instead, I can't wait for class and even drive over 2 hours round trip so that I can make it for an hour of DPX.

I have been rejuvenated because my body is healthier, stronger, and my spirit more free. As a result of my newfound motivation, I have lost over 95 pounds and 6 pant sizes; and I still continue to lose weight!

I attend class, dance like there's no tomorrow, and have a great time. I love that I’m getting in shape and losing weight, but the best part is, I’m enjoying EVERY minute of it!! Goodbye painstaking, drudgery workouts... Hello fun, exciting, dance party! This is where it’s at.
There’s nothing better than DPX!”

- Harmony Quinn